This machine has been designed to automatically cut setting rings from 3/8" thick upwards.  The machine may be arranged to cut up to 4'6" lengths of pipe.  It will accept a pallet up to 4'3" square, and will cut any size of pipe, in any quantity that can be conveniently arranged on this size of pallet.

This machine has been effectively used for the bulk cutting of agricultural drain or field pipes.  Cut lengths are controlled by solid state timers through potentiometers marked 1 to 6 which are selected by the 6 position switch.  Variations of cut lengths may be done at any time.

The barrels to be cut should be of reasonably regular lengths, say maximum of ¼" variation, and stacked and staggered, nested hard together in approximately 4'0" square stack.

The main carriage is driven by 1½HP geared motor fitted with a brake and the wire carriage is driven by 1 HP geared motor fitted with a brake.  Both motors are controlled by limit switches.  The cutting wire is mounted on quick change, spring tensioned wire strainers.

The machine is robustly constructed of Mild Steel fabrication.  Ball bearings are used throughout.