Machine consists of four 10" (254mm) diameter screws, built up of half pitch flight castings keyway driven on 4" (101.6mm) diameter shafts.

Main frame, feeder tub and gear case are of mild steel fabrication throughout.

Shafts are mounted in bronze bushes of ample proportions at gear case end together with ball thrust races.  Ball bearing housings on removeable bracket at delivery end.

Gears are hardened steel and driven by 20HP.  Reeves infinitely variable speed drive.

Auger speed is infinitely variable between 24.5 RPM and 4 RPM.

The feeder tub is 7'4" (2235mm) long, 3'5" (1041 mm) wide and 12½" (317.5mm) high and may be fitted with a hopper of any required dimensions.  The standard hopper fitted is 6'6" (1981 mm) long, 5'4" (1625mm) wide at top and 2'3" (686mm) high, and fitted with an adjustable feed gate.