This machine is completely automatic in its operation, which is by electrical piloting of pneumatic controls.

The electrical switch gear and pneumatic valves are separately housed in cabinets mounted on each side of the machine.

Cutting wires are held by quick action spring loaded strainers which can be spaced to cut any number of articles totalling a maximum length of 39" (990mm), e.g. twelve 3" (75mm) bricks or twenty four 11½" (37.5mm) bricks.  Maximum column size accomodated is 15½" (393mm) x 8" (203mm).

Construction is of mild steel fabrication and ball bearings are used throughout.  Primary and secondary cutting sections are guided by linear ball bearings on hardened and ground steel rods.

The standard off-bearing conveyor is 14'0" (4267mm) centres long with 16" (406mm) wide endless belt, driven by a 1 HP geared motor and chain drive.

Air consumption is approximately 15 CFM at 100 PSI.

Three pair of base jacking screws allow for easy height adjustment for different column depths.