This machine is of the reel type arranged to cut twenty 3" (75mm) bricks or equivalent bricks per cut at the rate of up to 16,000 3"(75mm) bricks per hour.

Completely automatic in operation including wire cleaning after every cut.

Platens, of two piece construction are fitted with replaceable stainless steel plates and are arranged as complete assemblies for easy change of brick sizes. As another aid to quick size changes, the machine can be supplied with two or more complete reel assemblies which can be removed and interchanged on the main frame.

Wires are held by quick action spring loaded strainers.

Operation is by electrical piloting of pneumatic controls.

Construction is mainly of mild steel fabrication and ball bearings are used throughout.

Drive is by 5 HP 730 RPM motor through air operated clutch and brake.

The off bearing conveyor can be supplied to any length and is separately driven by a motorized worm reducer and chain drive.